MR DEV was started after its founders had constant struggles with other offshore software development teams and companies.  While working with developers, many were working from home utilizing poor internet connections, writing code on pirated software, and had background noise that made it difficult to hold weekly status update calls.  Another challenge they witnessed was quality issues. It can be difficult to ensure that standards and processes are aligned and that quality control measures are consistently implemented.   Teams would agree that they understood the requirements and scope when clearly they did not.

The founders of MR DEV decided to start their own offshore development company that focused on fixing the flaws they witnessed day in and day out.  Quality is first, cost is second, and cutting corners isn’t an option.  Our locations require all members of the team to work on-site at our offices which provide fast internet, high-quality software tool, and a quiet work environment. All projects are reviewed by our CIO who has over 20 years of experience working in the United States with large software development teams.