We hire people who are dedicated to working for one client, not multiple clients.  Having a dedicated developer who focuses solely on the needs of one client can lead to a deep understanding of that client’s business and a more personalized approach to service delivery. This can foster strong relationships and lead to greater client satisfaction over time. It’s also important to ensure that MR DEV is capable of maintaining a high level of focus and commitment to the client’s needs over the long term. Ultimately, hiring someone who is dedicated to working for one client requires careful consideration and planning, but can lead to significant benefits in terms of client satisfaction and loyalty.

Even though our developers are based offshore, we focus on U.S. made software and hardware to write code. This includes tools such as Microsoft’s Visual Studio, GitHub, and the Amazon AWS tech stack. By prioritizing American-made tools, MR DEV can ensure the highest levels of quality and reliability in our code development process. U.S. made software is known for its adherence to strict security and data privacy standards, providing additional peace of mind for our clients and customers.

Our commitment to using American-made tools also grants us access to a robust support infrastructure, including dedicated customer service and technical support teams, which can help quickly resolve any issues that may arise.  Overall, our focus on U.S. made software and hardware is a reflection of our dedication to excellence, innovation, and responsible business practices.

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